Privacy Policy

The Sports Hour respects your privacy. Below mentioned are a few points that will give readers/viewers ideas and suggestions about the points we have included to protect and safeguard our readers’ privacy.

Does the Sportshour store information about its’ readers?

Until and unless the visitor enters some information, there is nothing that gets stored on our servers. However, the browser stores some information like your location and ISP (Internet Service Provider) details for security purposes.

A few files are stored in your computers as an initiative to make your stay at The Sportshour better. The files are stored in browser memory as cookies to remember readers’ behavior the next time they visit this portal.

The detail you enter while your stay at the sports hour, like the name and email ID, we save those details to keep you updated with the latest updates about the portal and the rest.

Google AdSense and other Advertising Networks

The Sportshour serves advertisement from various Advertising networks. All the advertising networks shall take care of some essential factors like your location, behavior and preferences to show you the best advertisements. We do not take any responsibility for the Privacy Policy of those advertising networks.

Third-Party Links and references

Being a blog, at various places, we have given the reference to other links to make sure that the readers get full required information about a specific topic. After you click on a link and migrate away from The Sportshour, the particular website’s privacy policy must consider.


Redressal Mechanism: Any complaints, objections, abuse or concerns with regards to the processing and handling of information provided by you or breach/violation/infringement of these terms shall be immediately informed to the assigned Grievance redressal Officer as mentioned below through writing or by email signed along with the digitalized electronic signature to

Mr. Amit Jha

Grievance Officer, (

A1-117, A1-117, Gali No. 6, Phase 5, Om Vihar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110059

Ph: 9311074935

[email protected]

We request you to please provide with the below-mentioned information while making your complaint:

1. Do mention your Full name along with residential postal address, mailing id and phone number

2. Title & date/ link of the news report, article or content, which is the subject matter of the complaint, including identifying information provided by you.

3. Clear Statement shall provide as to whether the information which is subject matter to the grievance is personal or sensitive personal information

4. State and make available all the supporting documents, if any, are relied upon and attached them along

5. A declaration that whatever information and documents are submitted with the complaint is accurate, complete and current in all respects, and nothing therein is false.

6. A statement falling under penalty while making a false statement that the information in the notice is correct and that the information being complained about belongs to you.

7. You may also contact us if you have any questions/ suggestions about the Privacy Policy using the contact information mentioned above.

The company shall not be accountable for any communication, if the complaint is addressed/conveyed, to any non-designated person in this regard.

Please note that the complaint shall raise by someone who is personally and directly affected by the matter, which forms the subject matter of the complaint. It must not be annoying, displeasing, unimportant or argumentative.


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