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Picabo Street once said- To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them. So here we are trying to channel through our potential to put in maximum efforts to give you the best information within an effective span of time!

We, at Sportshour, guarantee every sports news update by every hour! Scroll down to know more about us;

About the website:-

Sportshour is a premium sports news website founded by a team of sports enthusiasts. There are a couple of things that enthrall us, which are;

● Bringing instant updates from all genres of sports from around the globe on every reader’s feed.
● Provide an insight into the inside of sports teams and their drive to play more.
● Reaching out to all kinds of readers- lousy, active, and yes super-active.

For now, the website brings news to you only in Hindi, although social media websites are frequently updated with instant news in Hindi as well as English. Proper news in English will be brought on to the website shortly!

Quick and instant updates are also available on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which can be flashed upon while scrolling. We aspire to help everyone binge read their favorite update about their favorite sport, sportsperson, and sports event.

How did the idea of this website strike us?

We are a bunch of sports nerds. Whether it is the IPL or Wimbledon, we like to keep a tab on the latest happenings, any historic shot, or friendly banter between the players, someone said something rusty or some sports celebrity showed a gesture of humility, we are all here for it! It struck us that there is an endless number of fans out there, excited to know all about this stuff, just like us! So we came up with the idea to formulate something innovative and informative.

Future plans

As this website is a startup and we are amateurs (of course), we envisage going greater heights to bring on the OTT every ounce of sports news that is happening within every second. Therefore, we have decided to work on other languages to write news for our website and also interview sports stars and go to the venues that are actually sizzling with extravaganzas waiting to happen!

As soon as we recruit enough members, we will form up teams and go to the sports event and bring exclusive news, just for you!!

We hope that you enjoy every bit of it!!

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